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Family business 

Sendero las Mariolas is a family-run eco park located on a former dairy farm that has been transformed into a thriving, reforested forest since 2018. The family has been dedicated to maintaining and caring for the regenerated forest, which now provides a habitat for a variety of wildlife. As you walk through the vibrant flora on the trail, you'll encounter a variety of animals, adding to the immersive nature experience. Your senses will be engaged by the sound of rustling leaves and the gentle chirping of birds in the canopy above, and the natural scent of the forest filling your lungs with each breath. The trail offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and immerse yourself in its beauty while supporting the family's commitment to the environment.


Hands-on tortilla-making session

"Come and learn about how our grandmother Elieth prepares the famous Costa Rican tortillas. In addition to tasting the tortillas, you will have the opportunity to try our arracache picadillo, cow's cheese, and the roasted tamal dessert, all accompanied by a delicious seasonal fruit beverage. Learn about our culinary traditions and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience. We look forward to welcoming you!"



Wildlife walk 


The world is  a wonderful place during the day, and we are  excited to discover it with you!

This is a guided experience 


Night walk 


Let's explore some of the natural phenomena that are particularly magical at night.

This is a guided experience 

>> Closed shoes 
>> Repellent 

Wonderful Experience. What a gem just on the outskirts of La Fortuna. My wife and I have traveled extensively in Central America and always seek to find small and personalized tours. We enjoy being in small groups and seeing lots of wildlife from educated tour guides. Andrey was very knowledgeable of the local wildlife, trees, flowers, fruits, etc. During the tour we encountered at least 5 sloths, a spotted owl, many bird species, toucans, frogs, bats, and iguanas. The tour finishes with some local food sampling including sugar cane (you use the press to extract the juice). This family owned farm has been owned and operated by the same family for over 4 generations. Everyone in the family is involved in making it a great experience. Highly recommend. Cost is $32 per person, which is a bargain for all you get to experience. Tour takes a little over 2 hours.
This is a great family run tour! The night tour with Andres and his grandfather was excellent! Andres is a very passionate guide. His grandfather was outstanding at finding animals in the dark. We saw lots of frogs, snakes, birds and sleeping sloths. Making tortillas with traditional fillings and a shot of cacao alcohol with his grandmother was a great way to end the tour.
The Mariolas Trail is an awesome place to visit with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Me and my friend saw so many creatures we had missed in other trails and reserves, this was down to our guide who had a very keen eye.
Within the tour you also get a chance to shape your own tortillas and eat them with pork hash (or veggie alternative) and cows cheese.
All in all it's a beautiful location and well worth the visit! Thank you so much to the Mariolas Trail Team!
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